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This is v2.4 beta and the database is v4.3

Welcome to UniLab, a unique Unicorn programme that uses aerodynamics to enable you to find the best possible darts and accessory combinations to suit your own style and ability.

If you are considering buying a new set of darts and want to find the best possible Unicorn dart for you, simply go through the easy stages below and click on the Selector option, which will take you to Unilab’s personal recommendations.

If you already own a set of Unicorn darts and would like UniLab to optimise them for you, simply go through the same process but take the Optimiser option which will ask you questions about your existing barrels, shafts and flights, before taking you to UniLab’s personal recommendations for alternative combinations of shafts and flights.

Please note that all UniLab’s recommendations are based purely on science and are not chosen for any marketing or price considerations

Your Game

Tell UniLab a little bit about your style of play from the drop-down menus. For information click the '?' on each module


The first of your three ST's. Your style affects how you release the dart.

Your style affects how you release the dart.

Arm: Select if the dart leaves your arm smoothly.

Wrist: select if you release with a flicking action.

Both: Most players are a bit of both! Select this if you are unsure.


The second of your three ST's. Your playing standard affects aerodynamic accuracy and stability.

Your playing standard governs the relative importance of aerodynamic accuracy and stability in your optimum dart. World Champions require a millimetre of accuracy whereas recreational players need a more forgiving dart that is more stable in flight.


The final of your three ST's. Your stance, including height, affects your throwing distance.

Your ideal darts' aerodynamics depends on your throwing distance which, even from a standard 2.37m oche, will change if you lean forward a lot (especially if you're tall) or stand very upright (a "back" stance) when throwing. Height in itself, where on the board you're aiming, and other stance factors, usually have comparatively little effect.

Tell UniLab a little bit about your tip preference, how fast you like to throw your dart and whether you deliberately impart spin.


The first of your two SP's. Your speed affects your trajectory length.

Perhaps surprisingly, the important aerodynamic characteristics of a dart are not really affected by the speed of the throw, but it can change the trajectory arc length by around 10%.


The second of your two SP's. Spin can help even out assymetry in a throw

Some players deliberately spin a dart with their fingers while throwing and this can help to even out asymmetries, although it can be an additional source of error in the throw.

Selected Tip

Tell uniLab what type of tip you use on your darts.

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