Phase 2 Purist®

90% Tungsten

Phase 2 Purist® New Product Product Image

Natural Tungsten

Unicorn sponsored Phil Taylor for nearly 18 years from 1st April 1996 to 31st January 2014.

Over that time Phil used Unicorn designed and manufactured darts to win 12 World Championships, over 70 major televised tournaments and over £4 million in win prize money alone.

These darts are the soft tip versions of the Evolution steel tip series.

Phil used the Phase 2 steel barrel on TV between 1999 and 2007 and during this time he achieved PDC Major Tournament winnings of approximately £900,000.


  • Purist = Barrels only
  • Barrels only = Affordable
  • Steel tip version used on TV 1999 to 2007
  • Purist wallet
  • Engraved Unicorn hallmark of quality