Rumours abound that Unicorn make their players use specific darts or configurations for commercial purposes. Not so.
When joining Team Unicorn, we work with all players from Generation 180 to World Champion to produce the dart that works for the player. We are motivated by success and strive to give the player whatever equipment improves their game in the deeply competitive environment of 21st Century Professional darts. Player darts only come to market when the player is happy that we have met or exceeded their demands.

The Unicorn Player range brings together for the first time the actual, precise, genuine barrels that Team Unicorn players use. We never fail to be fascinated by player feedback, producing the Player range which demonstrates such a wide variety of grips, shapes and balances.

Continuous involvement with product development is a two way street between Unicorn’s Research & Development Labs & Team Unicorn. The Player Endorsed darts offer affordable excellence for demanding players of all standards. Using World Class Unicorn engineering, the Player Endorsed range provides unrivalled player appeal across a broad range of materials and configurations.

Unicorn sponsored Phil Taylor for nearly 18 years from 1st April 1996 to 31st January 2014. Over that time Phil used Unicorn designed and manufactured darts to win 12 World Championships, over 70 major televised tournaments and over £4 million in win prize money alone.

We never stop listening, thinking, learning, winning. Engineering is Unicorn's DNA and Unicorn have been the first to market the majority of innovations in darts technology over 75 years. The new U-Tech range is your glimpse directly into our labs. Here we bring cutting edge concepts to your skilled hands for your trial and approval.

No nonsense precision engineered ultra quality darts. Great value, strength in depth across materials, the Value range is your one stop shop.