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UniBlogger Since: 23rd October 2007
Occupation: Unicorn UniLab Expert
Location: United Kingdom

Research and development is a fundamental part of Unicorn’s DNA. Now, for the first time, we’re opening up our research facilities to you - with the help of UniBoffin.

We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading individual authorities on flight dynamics to help you optimize your dart set up and improve your averages.

Imagine you were in the market for an aircraft. Would you buy the wings from a jet fighter, the fuselage from a 747 and the engine from a helicopter and expect the whole thing to fly properly? No, of course not – you would buy a complete item confident that the manufacturer had teams of aerodynamicists and engineers who have ensured that every component is optimised to work as part of a unit.

And that’s how it should be with darts but, at the point of sale, we can only offer one combination of barrel, flight and shaft. Whilst these components are all tested by our engineers and Team Unicorn, the retail combination may not be perfectly suited to your style.

Until now, the task of individually optimising a dart has been down to your trial and error.

The UniLab, with the help of UniBoffin, will put you in control.

A unique innovation in darts, UniLab will use advanced mathematics to ensure that the Unicorn barrel, shaft and flight are precisely matched to operate as an optimum aerodynamic unit for your particular throwing style, standard and stance.

The UniLab will also help eliminate many of the aerodynamic effects that cause inaccuracy.

The maths may be complicated (but don’t worry, UniBoffin will explain some of the detail in his regular UniBlogs) but the program will be simple to use and if you follow the advice given you will step up to the oche confident that the Power of Science is helping Power your Elbow!

Visit the uniLab now, click here.