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Updates to UniScore

Posted by Harry Webster at 13:41 on 15th November 2010 in UniBlog

It's been a hectic year, but I'm very glad to announce the first of two updates for the UniScore website!

New Features:

- New members account area
- The Buddies League - this allows you to see much more detailed statistics   about you and your friends.
- Added player in-game statistics comparison so you can see who is the best at   checking out, scoring high or number of time you've won/lost against this   person.
- Watch match facility new design.
- In game page new design.
- The ability to hide the top (title) of the site during a match to save space on   smaller computers.
- Added new "quick links" in the navigation to help people traverse the   website.
- Added some code to stop a member accidentally hitting "Score It" twice.
- You must now log in when ever you play a match, registration is of course   free.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a known issue where decimal places can be submitted.

The Buddies League:

There is a new page called "Buddies League". Any time you play against another registered user they'll be automatically added to your Buddies League.

Once you've completed a match against this person you'll be able to see where they're positioned in your league and you'll be able to review details about how they're doing better/worse than you.

The votes are in:

Would you be interested in playing somebody over the internet, and if so would you like us to find competitors that are at your skill level?

YES 90.6%
NO 9.4%

We now have a new vote running! When starting a match would you like the option to start on a double, statistics would be separated from non-double off matches… Place your votes now at the link below

New Statistics Available:

- Number of legs won against each person
- 3-dart average
- Top overall checkout
- Checkout percentage
- Number of 180s scored
- Number of 140s scored
- Number of 120s scored
- Number of 100s scored
- Fewest darts used to checkout
- Number of 3-dart finishes
- Number of 2-dart finishes
- Number of 1-dart finishes

Place your bets here.

There are 16 comments to this post

Posted by Rodney Dennie at 22:38 on 19th November 2010

Would you ever consider making an iPhone app for scoring darts?

Rodney Dennie
Cobourg, ON

Posted by david langtry at 00:27 on 24th January 2011

is it possible to play a friend on this, with him throwing at his board at home and me throwing at my board at home? like can you play the one game but be typing in the scores on two different computers bascially? if you can how do you do it?

Posted by Harry Webster at 14:50 on 25th January 2011

David: a number of people using the site do use applications such as Skype to make this happen, the feature has been looked into but does bring with it a number of logistical issues, I will bring it up again and see if we can roll something out to make this happen.

Rodney: An iPhone application is currently in development, watch this space!

Webmaster's note. Harry is the developer of UniScore.

Posted by patrick at 18:15 on 8th February 2011

Firstly i would like to say what a great job you have done with uniscore. I was wondering would it be possible to play just legs rather than sets as in the world matchplay?

Posted by darkmatter at 16:20 on 12th February 2011

cricket and other games would be nice

Posted by John Lewis at 02:34 on 30th March 2011

I second the motion for Cricket and the double in option. What is the potential roll-out date for the updates listed above in your blog? I'm excited to see how I rank from local to global.

I also wish to thank you whole-heartedly for all Unicorn does to help bring all darters a better way to practice and challenge our fellow darters from around the globe. We will continue to be YOUR grass roots supports and street team members to advance all that you do for us.

Posted by Matt Hastwell at 11:07 on 25th May 2011

I'd Love to see a version of Uni score available on Iphone with the ability to upload etc to your main account

Posted by Kim at 18:10 on 29th May 2011

Uniscore is a great app, but it seems that the statistics aren't correct. The legs won and lost are not correct and the fewest darts are also not correct. For example I made several legs quicker than 23 darts, but that doesn't seems to be recorded by the stats?

Posted by craig evans at 16:12 on 7th June 2011

i would like to see legs or sets like the world matchplay also when i try to play a game i get told i need to play 5 games first how do i do this

Posted by craig evans at 16:21 on 7th June 2011

good app when u get bored practicing on ur own before ur match keep getting this message Play Darts! - One Player
Not enough data for BOT match.
You must play at least 5 matches while logged in to play against the bot. how do i play matches

Posted by cke1982 at 19:55 on 7th June 2011

uniscore is a great app would be good to have a round the board option as a lot of northwest uk play that in the pub teams keep getting told i have to play 5 games how do i play against someone

Posted by Luis at 05:28 on 20th September 2011

Hi Harry, first my congratulations on your work! Simply awesome :)

I am the captain of a spanish darts team called Los Otros based in Shanghai and belong/actively play in 2 Shanghai Darts Leagues.
1. Shanghai Dart League
2. Shanghai Darts Pubs Society League.

To cut to the chase, we structure our games as follows:
1001 (minumum 12 player, 6 per team), 501 (2 rounds, 6 games per round), 801( 3 couples games) Final draw breaker Cricket. Now cricket is played diferently in China, as it includes 3x20 to 15, 3xBulls but it also includes 3xAny Doubles and 3xAny Triples. I have been searching over a year all over for a dart scoring app that would include this mode. Closest app was n01 for Iphone/ipad/Pc which I consider almost perfect. If we could have those same functionalities with the added feature of doubles and triples included it would be awesome and would allow to track full stats for all league players.

On a second note, we are looking for a Darts brand to sponsor our leagues. Any idea where I could refer to?

Your advise would be much appreciated.

With best regards

Posted by mario at 14:22 on 23rd January 2012

is it possible to run my home league through this?

Posted by Andreas at 10:37 on 9th May 2012

How is the check out percentage calculated I was wondering?


Posted by Dinky at 22:33 on 21st May 2012

Please make it possible to play eachother online. The time for online darts is here.

Posted by The Bulldozer at 16:56 on 11th January 2014

Hi Harry,

the statistics at the Buddy league aren't correct.


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