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Reebok Reflections!

Posted by Stuart Pyke at 12:17 on 8th June 2010 in UniBlog

So, another four days of madness and mayhem over for another year!

And as always, the FA Cup of Darts produced new stories, real characters and emerging talent – but one thing didn’t change, as Philip Taylor won again.

Only Simon Whitlock and Denis Ovens, for half of the semi-final, really tested Taylor….the final was a big disappointment, as Gary Anderson failed to deliver on all the promise.

There were too many smiles from the Scot, who appeared to settle for second best, as he struggled to come to terms with his first PDC Final.

Taylor of course, is a master of the mind games and before the final and his quarter-final win over Adrian Lewis, ‘The Power’ was playing the perfect game in the practice room! He engaged with both players, when Anderson and Lewis would surely have been better advised to stay away from the great man and prepare differently.

Once Taylor is on that stage, he is totally ruthless and he gets the job done, time and time again.

He is a monster on the oche! And the way he dismantled Kevin Painter with that world record TV average of 118.66 was just typical Taylor.

So now, it’s on with the business of winning and next up – the chase for yet World Matchplay title at Blackpool, and to be honest, you just can’t see anyone stepping up to the plate to challenge him.

Barney will be back – refreshed for Blackpool - and Wade, Whitlock and Anderson will again be seen as the main threats, but the way Taylor is playing, he looks unbeatable at the moment.

Anyway, other bright sparks of the 2010 UK Open, were the ‘Young Guns’ – the Unicorn duo of Joe Cullen and Arron Monk proved they will be around and challenging for many years to come. They were joined by the likes of Irishman William O’Connor, Michael Smith from St.Helens and Hull’s Reece Robinson.

Cullen and Monk took to the main stage like they had been around for years, and they have already proved that they can compete with the best.

It was great to see Denis Ovens – on the cusp of his 53rd birthday – reach his first ever ‘Major’ TV semi-final and he didn’t look out of place!

Tony Ayres – a virtual unknown before the event – making a name for himself and pocketing £10,000 for reaching the last four….the biggest pay day of his career!

Mervyn King’s 9 darter….Gary Anderson missed D12 for another one, as for four days, the darts world stopped off in Bolton.

But yet again, it’s all about Taylor….remember, he is 50-years-old this summer and he is certainly getting better with age. Can anyone stop him winning every ‘Major’ for the rest of 2010?

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