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Introducing Harry...

Posted by Harry Webster at 16:30 on 15th December 2009 in UniBlog

Hi everyone! My name is Harry and I live to write computer programs and play darts.

Over the years I have become rather good at writing programs and it’s just a real shame I haven’t got quite as good at playing darts!

I’m really excited to team up with Unicorn working on “UniScore”. The Darts Score Keeper website has had so much success thus far it’s great to be involved with Unicorn so we can push it further.

I have some great ideas lined up offering more darts games, games to play with your friends and games that will help you improve your skill level as well as tracking your performance.

Please keep contacting me with your ideas and comments through the 'Comments' section below.

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There are 12 comments to this post

Posted by blake brown at 03:17 on 18th December 2009

hello harry, i was just wondering, and possibly making a suggestion, about if there was any chance of this new uniscore being made into an iphone application. i think development of a free iphone app would be awesome for all the people who want easy access to a darts scoring app without having to get their computer out all the time.
i think this will also introduce alot more people to the idea of uniscore aswell.

Posted by Terry Jones at 19:19 on 31st December 2009

Although not an iPhone user myself, I believe this would be a great addition, especially for people playing in public houses etc...

Posted by Graham at 21:13 on 10th January 2010

Hey Harry,

The Uniscore Score Keeper is really great...Just wondering if it is available as yet that one player can play another player online. As in if Im at home can I play my friend in his house and we both put up our scores and play the same as if we were in the same house?



Posted by Russel Sales at 23:00 on 10th January 2010

Whilst i welcome to addition of Unicorns name, the darts score keeper looked far better in the black and red of the previous version.

It was much easy to read and work out the score, this new colour scheme is awful compared to your previous version.

Perhaps an option on to enable users to change colour schemes should be included.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by Johnson James CHIN at 11:10 on 12th January 2010

Dear Harry,

Hi, I am new in darts, so calculating marks is very complicated for me especially as a beginner, I am focusing more on throwing the darts perfectly than calculating the scores.

So, I suggest that you should include another way to allow maths dummies to keep scores, which is to include a dartboard and allow us to click on it to score.

This is easier as we can score it easily without having to crack our brains calculating the scores and we can concentrate more. And it can help to detect that I hit a SIngle 2 (not a Double 1), so I can't check out!

An alternative way for the suggested dartboard is to allow us to key in scores using codes, e.g.

t8 d25 0 (treble 8, double 25, miss)


t8,d25,0 (same example but with different code)

Another suggestion is to include a more detailed log about each darts, i.e. the scoreboard will show these info:
1st dart, 2nd dart, 3rd dart, sum, remainder
t8; d25; 0; 74; 427 (in a table)


s2; bust; bust; 0, 2 (also in table)

Still have a lot of room for improvements, keep the hardwork, cheers...

Posted by Johnson James CHIN at 11:28 on 12th January 2010

Dear Harry,

I think a feature to include is to allow us to use code to key in the score. E.g.

With 501 left,
t8 d25 0 (treble 8, double 25, miss) = 74

With 26 left,
t8 d1 (treble 8, double 1) = 26 (won the leg using two darts in the last round)

With 26 left,
t8 s2 (treble 8, single 2) = 0 (busted because didn't check out with a double)

With 30 left,
t8 t2 (treble 8, treble 2) = 0 (also busted because didn't check out with a double

Note that my suggestion indicates that now you can also track if the player is checking out with a double or single, i.e. I cannot check out with the score:
but can check out with the score:

Hope that this will be added, thanks.

Posted by Dutchy at 16:38 on 11th February 2010

Ok, now unicorn, and you off course, are involved in online darts i think we have a great opprtunity to do this right.

At the end we should have a program or site where we can meet opponents online, invite them to play a game of darts, with the option to show your webcam.

When you can provide this, or some one else, i think webcamdarts will be huge.

Now, we play online with dartpro and msn (or other webcam messengers). And it is much fun to do. Cheaters are gone, and you can play a good game of darts against anybody in the world. And you can acutally see his dartboard.

So, i think that the easyist thing to do is for unicorn to make a deal with microsoft, that a dartsapplication which you are making will be compatebly with msn/windows live messenger.

So you can invite your contact, and when he accept, the dartsprogram starts and of we go. Off course, webcam is already a option in msn conversation.

I really hope that soon, there will be a true online dartscorer with webcam/microfoon options.

I wish you good luck,


Posted by Joe at 22:30 on 13th February 2010

Dear Harry,
I was doing a little web browsing looking for an education on online dart scoring applications and came across your system and this blog. Like you, I also write some programming and was considering doing something similar to your application for scoring team darts, pool etc. in lounges and bars in the US. However, since you seem to have a working application already developed, it would make sense to see if you would be willing to modify your program to make it work for my needs. If this sounds of interest to you please contact me.

I don't know much about darts but know plenty about beer.

Posted by James at 09:49 on 24th March 2010


Liking the online app.
I second Grahams comment where I'd like to play darts with my friend online. We live in Separate countries and currently use Skype for our video but have to have separate scores.

Nice work so far though

Posted by craig evans at 16:26 on 7th June 2011

hi harry love to play this uni score better than playing 501 on my own before i play a match but been told i need to play 5 matches while logged in how do i play i think a around the clock app would be good as most of the players in the northwest play around the clock

Posted by Diddle at 22:17 on 21st May 2012

I would love to has this site connected to fb or an app and when anyone in the world around my avg. Want to play I get a popup message that I can reply to and then just start the game. It is time for online darts. Why cant anyone just make it aviable?

Posted by Richy at 21:10 on 2nd November 2012

We are looking for software to accomadate playing 501 up to 4 handed(so to speak) Do you do this or know of any doing so??

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