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So much to catch up on, where to start?

Posted by Róisín O'Shea at 16:45 on 5th August 2010 in UniBlog

Hi guys! I know, I know, it’s been a while since my last blog, but believe me, I’ve been busy!

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World Champion? Me?

Posted by Róisín O'Shea at 16:42 on 28th May 2010 in UniBlog

This weekend brings the last of the qualifiers for the very first PDC Unicorn Women's World Championships.

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An Introduction

Posted by Róisín O'Shea at 15:58 on 6th May 2010 in UniBlog

Some of you may know me from the now gone Starsofdarts.com forum (UniTool), or some from Twitter (@ivegotthepower) and most of you will have no idea, and I’m guessing all of you are wondering “What is her name?” – yes I know, what a silly name!

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