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The Checkout App is in the Post

Posted by UniBoffin at 15:51 on 26th March 2017 in UniBlog

A big moment; the deciding leg in your first match in your first serious steel-tip tournament.

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Elbow Grease

Posted by UniBoffin at 23:38 on 18th January 2017 in UniBlog

A very warm welcome to my first UniBlog of 2017, I hope you had a great festive season! As usual mine, and perhaps yours, was made all the more enjoyable by the PDC World Champs being on telly.

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Straight As An Arrow

Posted by UniBoffin at 21:42 on 5th October 2016 in UniBlog

As previewed last time, this blog is going to address the tricky question of why the majority of pro dart players seemingly favour longish, straighter-sided barrels over more curved, bullet shaped ones, while also looking at why there are notable exceptions.

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Core Stability

Posted by UniBoffin at 15:15 on 15th August 2016 in UniBoffin

So they turned up today, my new Sigma UltraCores, and very nice they look too in their smart Icon case. Time to hit the board and see how they perform!

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Rocket Science, But Not As I Did It

Posted by UniBoffin at 10:57 on 9th May 2016 in UniBlog

As well as inspiring the title of my very first UniBlog (and, incidentally, a new UK TV programme) the phrase “it’s not rocket science” is a source of mild amusement for me. Meant as reassurance that something is relatively easy, I, as an old-fashioned rocket scientist, could contrarily interpret it as indicating something at which I’m not much good.

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A Weighty Matter

Posted by UniBoffin at 13:15 on 1st February 2016 in UniBlog

A very warm welcome to my first blog of 2016, I hope you had a good festive season and got the chance to see at least some of the World Championship darts. I reckon the PDC event was one of the most exciting ever, culminating in Gary Anderson showing just what a great champion he is – as well as when’s a good time to hit a 170 checkout.

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Ask The UniBoffin (How To Pass 100!)

Posted by UniBoffin at 22:53 on 13th December 2015 in UniBlog

2016 approaches, which means I’ve now rambled on about darts science on this website for over 8 years. More unbelievably still, this blog is the centurion of such missives, a milestone that I feel deserves some special recognition and maybe even a bit of a fresh approach.

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Grip Type (Thin?)

Posted by UniBoffin at 11:33 on 11th October 2015 in UniBlog

Can a dart be over-produced or detailed and are the best barrels ones that have only functional machining? For the topic of this blog I am indebted to Kevin, whose post to my last one featured that very question. So let’s look for an answer!

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Reopening Pandora’s Box

Posted by UniBoffin at 14:54 on 20th August 2015 in UniBlog

Looking back over my previous 97 UniBlogs, I am a tad disappointed, if wholly unsurprised, to find that the one which provoked by far the most response did not address the science of darts at all but rather the thorny question of how expensive they can be. So, as we approach a century of missives, maybe it’s time we bravely reopened that particular Pandora’s Box!

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Core Benefits

Posted by UniBoffin at 16:54 on 24th June 2015 in UniBlog

Here’s your starter for 10. What came into being in 1950 and is still rocking the darting world today? Well, although the date isn’t too far off, it’s not me (I’m hardly likely to rock anything at my age!), it’s the Unicorn Book of Darts. If you haven’t already checked out the 2016 40th edition, I certainly recommend you do as it’s full of interesting info and items.

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