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The Huybrechts brothers take Belgium through to next round of The World Cup

Posted by Unicorn at 12:50 on 4th June 2017 in Unicorn Darts News

Ronnie averages 115.62
Ronnie averages 115.62

An average of 115.62 by Ronnie Huybrechts, the highest ever average by a Belgium on television, was one of the stand out performances of the day.

His 4-0 win over John Michael and Kim’s 4-2 victory over Ioannis Selachoglou gave Belgium a convincing victory over Spain to give the Unicorn brothers a quarter-final match against Singapore.

“He was brilliant,” said Kim.” it’s a different setup today and the singles worked for us. He had a 115 average, so if he can do that for the whole tournament I can put my feet up.” said younger brother Kim.

Ronny, who has made two Pro Tour finals in the last eight months, spoke of needing to be more consistent.

“I can play matches like that but then average 80 in the next game. It’s all in my head and I know when I’m playing well and finding the treble with the first dart, I can be dangerous.”

Meanwhile Unicorn’s Raymond van Barneveld, despite losing his singles match helped tournament favourites The Netherlands to victory over the USA and a place in the quarter-finals.

Unicorn’s John Part, Kyle Anderson and Devon Petersen all bow out of the World Cup as Canada, Australia and South Africa both lost in their second round matches.

A full round up of the second round is as follows:-

Betway World Cup of Darts
Saturday June 3
Second Round

Afternoon Session (2pm local time, 1pm BST)
Belgium v Greece
Singles One: Kim Huybrechts 4-2 Ioannis Selachoglou
Singles Two: Ronny Huybrechts 4-0 John Michael
Doubles: R Huybrechts/K Huybrechts v Selachoglou/Michael - Not needed
Final Result : Belgium 2-0 Greece

Wales v Republic of Ireland
Singles One : Gerwyn Price 4-3 Mick McGowan
Singles Two: Mark Webster 4-3 William O'Connor
Doubles: Price/Webster v McGowan/O'Connor - Not needed
Final Result: Wales 2-0 Republic of Ireland

Australia v Russia
Singles One: Kyle Anderson 2-4 Aleksandr Oreshkin
Singles Two: Simon Whitlock 4-1 Boris Koltsov
Doubles: Anderson/Whitlock 0-4 Oreshkin/Koltsov
Final Result: Australia 1-2 Russia

Singapore v Spain
Singles One: Paul Lim 4-0 Antonio Alcinas
Singles Two: Harith Lim 1-4 Cristo Reyes
Doubles: Lim/Lim 4-0 Alcinas/Reyes
Final Result: Singapore 2-1 Spain

Evening Session (8pm local time, 7pm BST)
Austria v Canada
Singles One: Mensur Suljovic 4-0 John Part
Singles Two: Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-1 John Norman Jnr
Doubles: Suljovic/Rodriguez v Part/Norman Jnr - Not needed
Result: Austria 2-0 Canada

Germany v Brazil
Singles One: Martin Schindler 4-0 Alexandre Sattin
Singles Two: Max Hopp 4-1 Diogo Portella
Doubles: Schindler/Hopp v Sattin/Portella - Not needed
Result: Germany 2-0 Brazil

England v South Africa
Singles One: Adrian Lewis 4-0 Devon Petersen
Singles Two: Dave Chisnall 4-0 Deon Oliver
Doubles: Lewis/Chisnall v Petersen/Oliver - Not needed
Result: England 2-0 South Africa

Netherlands v United States of America
Singles One: Michael van Gerwen 4-2 Darin Young
Singels Two: Raymond van Barneveld 2-4 Larry Butler
Doubles: Van Gerwen/Van Barneveld 4-0 Young/Butler
Result: Netherlands 2-1 United States of America

Sunday June 4 Schedule of Play
Sunday June 4 Order of Play
Afternoon Session – Quarter-finals (2pm local time, 1pm BST)
Singapore v Belgium
Russia v Wales
England v Austria
Germany v Netherland

Evening Session – Semi-finals/ Final (8pm local time, 7pm BST)
Singapore/Belgium v Russia/Wales
England/Austria v Germany/Netherlands

Photo courtesy Lawrence Lustig / PDC

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