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Unicorn continues to support Scandinavia… and beyond!

Posted by Unicorn at 12:17 on 9th May 2017 in Unicorn Darts News

Unicorn continues to support Scandinavia… and beyond!

The world’s premier dartboard will be used in all PDC events in Scandinavia until at least 2022.

Unicorn has signed an extension to its exclusive deal with PDC Nordic & Baltic to help develop the sport in the region.

Unicorn Managing Director Edward Lowy believes it is crucial to help with the sport’s development. “Many congratulations from Unicorn to all at PDC Nordic & Baltic for their terrific work in continuing to build the professional darting infrastructure across the region.”

He added: “What started as a Scandinavian operation is now providing opportunities for players across an enormous territory, and it is great to see some of those players coming through to PDC events.”

The 5-year-deal is a major boost for PDC Nordic & Baltic. Its Chairman is Michael Frydendahl: “The aim is to see several players from the region competing regularly on the PDC Pro Tour and major PDC TV tournaments. The competition is very tough, but with Unicorn’s help, we believe we can achieve our goal.”

It is all about encouraging and helping the best young talent from the region to become part of the PDC elite.


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