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Unicorn Darts is voted Best Darts Brand 2016

Posted by Unicorn at 09:50 on 23rd March 2016 in Unicorn Darts News

Unicorn Darts is voted Best Darts Brand 2016

Unicorn Darts is proud to announce that it has been voted Best Darts Brand 2016 by readers of Sporting Goods Business (SGB, the UK’s leading sports trade magazine.

The SGB Awards celebrates innovation in the sports sector. They reward companies that demonstrate excellence in their field, outstanding technology and exceptional customer service in the way they operate or in what they produce.

SGB Editor Bryony Andrews added: “The winners of the SGB Awards are selected wholly by the vote of the sports industry, so winners can enjoy a true indicator of value conferred by their peers in the trade. It is therefore with great excitement that SGB Magazine announces Unicorn Darts as the winners of the SGB Best Darts Brand Award 2016.”

Unicorn Darts MD Edward Lowy says: “It goes without saying that we are delighted with this recognition from our peers. I am incredibly proud of each and every member of staff who have played their role so diligently, who have worked so hard, who have supported each other to imprint such an indelible impression on the UK Sports Trade.”

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