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America here I come

Posted by John Lowe at 12:50 on 20th March 2011 in UniBlog

America here I come

During November and December 2011, I am planning to visit some of the best darts venues in the USA to meet and play against the many darts fans who have followed and supported me throughout my career.

If you would like me to visit your darts club, then please contact me through my website for further details.

I look forward to hearing from you.


The Unicorn webmaster says : I first met John Lowe in 1975 when he represented the North Midlands with Ron Allen in the Unicorn World Pairs Championships, which I helped organise. John has also used Unicorn darts throughout his professional career making his association with Unicorn one of the longest personal sponsorships in British sport. The word ‘legend’ is often over-used, but I think it applies to John and his standing in the sport of darts. If he comes to a town near you it will be a great evening.

John Lowe's website

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Posted by Ron Rosales at 15:26 on 15th May 2011

Mr.John Lowe, You once visited(197?),The SCDA store located in Culver City, California.My father Rick Rosales had the honor of playing with you.Hope to throw a game with you when you are in town.Thanks Ron

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