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Darting Devon for Petersen!

Posted by Unicorn at 17:16 on 15th March 2011 in Unicorn Darts News

Devon Petersen joins Team Unicorn
Devon Petersen joins Team Unicorn

South Africa’s top darts star Devon Petersen has signed for Team Unicorn.

The highly rated 24-year-old has agreed a three-year-deal with the world’s leading darts manufacturer as he looks to take his career to the next level.

It’s been a rollercoaster six months for the young man from Cape Town, who has taken the life-changing decision to leave South Africa for West Yorkshire, as he bids to establish himself in the world of PDC darts!

“I can’t express how much this means to me,” he admitted. “Unicorn is the brand of champions and ultimately, that is where I want to be.”

Petersen made a name for himself at this year’s World Championship…..he qualified for the Alexandra Palace by winning the South African Open, then his career really took off!

He beat Guyana’s Norman Madhoo by four legs to two in the preliminary round, including check-outs of 136 and 146, and then gave Team Unicorn’s Jamie Caven a real run for his money in the 1st Round.

Petersen won the first set, before Caven rallied to win by three sets to one.

But the young South African had put down a marker…..enough for Unicorn to recognise the raw talent.

He then won a Tour Card for the next two years through the PDC Qualifying School earlier this year and that success was enough to convince to take the biggest gamble of his life.

“It was a tough decision to leave South Africa, but I always knew that I had to be playing against the best week in, week out in the PDC,” Petersen said.

He now lives in Brighouse in West Yorkshire and has become a good friend with Team Unicorn stablemate Joe Cullen.

“It is still a big strange, because it is all very new and takes some getting used to, but I have made some really good friends in Yorkshire and they are all a great help,” he added.

Petersen’s first aim is to qualify for the UK Open Finals at Bolton in June, but a lot of PDC officials have already been impressed with his attitude and ambition.

“I know it is going to be hard, but with every match I play on the Pro Tour, I gain valuable experience and I haven’t come over to the UK to fail,”

• Meanwhile, Joe Cullen has agreed a new contract with Unicorn. The 21-year-old from Bradford has already made a big impression in his first full year on the PDC Pro Tour, recording a memorable win over Phil Taylor and making his debut at the World Championship. It is another sign of Unicorn’s commitment to the young darting talent of the future, as the company continues to promote the sport through its Academies and the brand new PDC Unicorn Youth Tour, which has already proved to be a massive hit.

Unicorn Managing Director Edward Lowy said: “We are delighted to welcome someone of Devon’s obvious talent and potential to Team Unicorn….and we hope that we can play a part in developing his career over the years to come.”

Mr Lowy added: “The signing of Devon Petersen and the extension of Joe Cullen’s contract underlines the commitment of everyone at Unicorn to the emerging talent that is coming through in the world of darts, and we have already seen that in abundance in the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour, with three different winners in the first three events!”


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Posted by brandon at 18:17 on 15th March 2011

great news devon, good luck for your future !!!, always watching your back , cheers.

Posted by Gail Adriaanse at 18:28 on 15th March 2011

Last name Spartan, first name greatest!

Posted by Shireen Williams at 18:43 on 15th March 2011

Well done Devon what a dream come true. We love you Spartan.

Posted by Michael Vaudin at 19:07 on 15th March 2011

Unicorn as an avid supporter of your products in Cape Town South Africa a big up to you guys for investing and supporting Devon. Please please try and get more of your products available to us dart players in SA. If you know of any organisation able to sponsor my dart club with dart shirts please contact me on mikev@isales.co.za or on +27215114061 . Thanks Michael Vaudin

Posted by Gary at 20:11 on 15th March 2011

Well done man. Really proud of you.

Posted by Adrian Petersen at 20:16 on 15th March 2011

Well done Devon as well as Unicorn on what will surely be a winning combination. May you both go from strength to strength!

Posted by gawie f roesstorff at 21:19 on 15th March 2011

Devon its what comes from the hart u can do we gona miss u but its for the best of darts I feel proud and good if I see young players from RSA is going to the top u go son ( pinkie )

Posted by Charles Losper at 21:59 on 15th March 2011

I just love it Devon and only great things can happen from here onwards for you buddy. I am really very happy for your part and you could not have chosen a better team to sign up with then with Edward lowy's team. Well done once agian boet keep the flag flying.

Well done Unicorn - spotting talent like you do is hard.

Posted by Johan Brooks at 06:07 on 16th March 2011

Well done Devon you go boy (myself and all at Easterns Darts

Posted by Russel Mains at 06:16 on 16th March 2011

Congratulations as i told u all good things comes with time.U deserve every good thing that is coming to u.Don't forget to always stand out.All my love and best wishes "The Coach'

Posted by Devon Williams at 12:55 on 16th March 2011

Yo buddy.. Good going man..

I use to play darts for my high school, and I only trusted Unicorn.. Its nice to see the local telant branching out internationaly.


Devon Williams

Posted by Stu at 13:07 on 16th March 2011

Well done lad, very impressive darts a the W/C.

Give it 100% commitment and you will go places.

Posted by Shereen Fernandez at 05:08 on 17th March 2011

Hi Devon, Congrats, with your attitude and dedication you can only go 1 way and that is up.
Unicorn: well spotted.

Posted by CraY at 07:01 on 17th March 2011

Good Luck!

Posted by Dino Matthee at 06:51 on 18th March 2011

Well done Devon . a Big thanks to PDC for awarding you the opertunity to pave the way open for young South African dart players to see there is an opertinity to take darts to a higher level .Viva PDV Viva

Posted by Earl at 07:00 on 18th March 2011

Hi Devon

everything happens for a reason, and it came just at the right time. It's now your time gain all the experience and progg them. Well done Unicorn, you have know idea what investment you just made.
Da ProggMeister

Posted by Warren & Ally at 12:29 on 18th March 2011

Congrats, well done your hard work is really paying off bro....all the best

Posted by Warren Ackary at 10:49 on 19th March 2011

Congratulations Devon.. I have managed to read up on you a little (sorry I havent read up alot)

You are in the best hands in the business with Unicorn mate.. enjoy the ride!

Posted by Granville Bender at 13:36 on 28th March 2011

Congratulations Devon, hope go all the way - From the Raitby Darts Club - Somerset West

Posted by Dean at 07:20 on 14th July 2011

It's a kind of Magic......!!! , You Yster Boet. Just Maintain and Excel!!!!

Posted by The monster at 06:54 on 9th January 2012

awe boitjie!! ur a superstar now!! now its time to take over from the pace makers and lead the way for a better future for us all ;)

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