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OBITUARY – JAMIE GENTLEMAN (20/3/1995 – 14/3/2009)

Posted by Glen Dawkins at 00:00 on 16th March 2009 in UniBlog

OBITUARY – JAMIE GENTLEMAN   (20/3/1995 – 14/3/2009)

The Unicorn Darts Youth Academy was devastated to learn of the sudden and tragic death of Jamie Gentleman, one of Andover’s most exciting young prospects.

With prodigious progress it was very clear that Jamie loved the sport of darts, was a natural talent and odds-on to join Team-Unicorn within the next few years.

Jamie’s desire to learn and improve was outstanding and he was instrumental in the continued progress of his peers and elders.

In such a short space of time Jamie had amassed a number of trophies including Player of the Month, 2008 Academy B singles Winner and his prized trophy at the Essex Youth Open which was presented by Bobby George.

At the Academy we teach Dignity, Aspiration, Respect, Team spirit and Sportsmanship; this young man was the epitome of all that is good in the game.

His darting prowess however was exceeded by his personality, good manners and disposition; a finer young man you could not wish to meet.

His quiet and gentle nature together with his impish sense of humour will be so sadly missed as we struggle to come to terms with our loss, barely a week before his fourteenth birthday.

We are for ever charged with taking the Academy forward but will be unable to fill the void Jamie has left for we are richer for having known him but so much poorer for his loss.

Gentleman by name – Gentleman by nature – God bless you Jamie.

Glen Dawkins
Chairman: for Andover Invitation Darts & the Unicorn Darts Youth Academy

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Posted by Edward Lowy at 15:48 on 16th March 2009

I remember Jamie from my various trips down to Andover and on behalf of everyone at Unicorn may I say how shocked we are to hear of his untimely passing.

The finality of life is always tragic, great age or infirmity sometimes lessens the blow but in Jamie's case there are no such mitigating circumstances. So young and with so much ahead of him, this is simply unfair.

We send our deepest condolences to Jamie's family. We cannot imagine your pain and will not pretend to do so, but we are thinking of you.

Posted by Tom Lee at 10:53 on 17th March 2009

I remember Jamie when he used to live in our village. He used to play football with myself and my brother. Although younger than us both, his skill and passion always amazed me. When I heard this tragic news I was shocked and saddened. Even though I only knew him for a short time, I remember him clearly as a skillful, friendly and charming young lad. My thoughts are with the family and all those lucky enough to have known him longer than I did.

Posted by Chris Skinner at 17:45 on 17th March 2009

Glen on behalf of everyone at the Petersfield Academy can you pass on our condolences to Jamies family and everyone in the Andover Academy. To lose someone at such a young age is untimely and unfair. Our thoughts are all with you.

Posted by sean white at 23:08 on 17th March 2009

r.i.p mate :''( x x x

Posted by Adam Major at 21:43 on 18th March 2009

R.I.P Jamie, all good memories of you. x x x

Posted by Mike Jenner at 11:30 on 19th March 2009

On behalf of everyone involved with East Midlands Darts Academy, can we pass on our condolences to all at Andover & Jamies family & friends. It is always sad to lose someone, but so young and talented too. Thinking of you all.

Posted by stuart eaton at 23:54 on 20th March 2009

R.I.P jamie we all know how good you were goin to be it is such a shame you cant prove us right love you and miss you laods mate see you soon xxxx

Posted by "Cheeky" at 13:14 on 21st March 2009

"Everyday in some small way,
memories of you come our way,
Though absent, you are always near,
Still missed, loved always dear."

Jamie..you will be sorely missed by us all.

Jaquie, Ivan & Tommy...our thoughts are with you!

Posted by Jade at 14:12 on 5th April 2009

Jamiee , i rememberr all thee good timess we hadd andd just woish u were here so we could havee somee moree but unfortunatleyy gods crultyy took youu awayy from uss , not even 14 yett i wass so sadd whenn i heardd aboutt youu goingg , im goingg to miss you so much babe , my thoughts are with jaquie,ivan and tommy im so sorry forr you loss of such a charming and talented young lad , jamie im gonna miss you a million babe , save me a spot up there right next to you babe , goodnight my gorgeous angel iloveyouuloads , in my heart forever , lots of love Jadee x

Posted by dan at 19:27 on 4th May 2009

i didn''t now jamie but im 14 and i love a play darts regurely for west midlands and my heart poured out to his family because they had a real talented son ansd im sure jamie would of won millions more trophies and is not going to see his talent wot would of been like in the future so im sorry to jamies family

Posted by Charlotte at 10:23 on 18th June 2009

R.I.P Jamie Gentleman ¢¾
Never forgotten,, sleep tight angel.
Missed by loads babe.

Posted by Catherine at 19:10 on 1st August 2009

jamie babe u will alway sbe in everyones hearts i will never forget our childhood growing up together and fishin and sumtimes even falling in your pond in your front garden when u lived in appleshaw we all mmiss you down here jamie and wish u were still around such a talnted young lad taken soo quickly \ save me a place up there ''J'' ryt next to you xx forever in our hearts a true gentlemen xxx

Posted by Aaron Hocking at 11:36 on 18th September 2009

Sorry, curtis is very sorry he misses yuu and is very sorry rip gd memories

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