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World Champion? Me?

Posted by Róisín O'Shea at 16:42 on 28th May 2010 in UniBlog

My Unicorn equipment!
My Unicorn equipment!

This weekend brings the last of the qualifiers for the very first PDC Unicorn Women's World Championships. Up to now, Unicorn's Irina Armstrong and Anastasia Dobromyslova (amongst others) have qualified for the next stages of the Championships.

Come Sunday, I'll be on my way to Riley's in Croydon for my attempt at the title.

For over two years, I've been surrounded by the best talent in the sport - you'd think I'd have picked something up by now! Well I thought so when I signed up. I soon realised, once on the practice board, that there was a lot to this darts thing. I figured if I have the best people in the darts world around me, the best darts in the world in my hands, and the best poker face I can pull - I could try at least!

For the last two months, since I signed up for the qualifier, I've been practicing here and there, 20 minutes in the office at lunch, a Sunday down the local pub, etc. I began to worry when I realised I had to go to the far east on a work trip and I wouldn't have much time when I return to catch up on the practice I'd miss - so I took my darts with me!

I got a practice session in when I could, and am starting to feel a little more confident about the whole thing. Why? Because I'm really starting to feel comfortable with my darts. I'm using Phil Taylor's Phase 1 Natural Tungsten 24g - 10737. I started with a set of Adrian Lewis 20g tungsten, but found my darts were flying all over the place, and just about hitting the board - if I was lucky!

It's evident from working with so many darts players, that the ladies tend to have heavier weighted darts than the men, not in all cases but more often than not. I don't know why this is - I could slip in a joke here, but I wont. I'm definitely a lot more comfortable with a 24g than a 20g.

So, if anyone is in the area and fancies a bit of a laugh - Sunday, Riley's Croydon from 1pm. I won't take offence, I always saw myself as a comedian, and never as a darts player! I'll be sure to let you know how I get on!

Wish me luck!


My darts

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Posted by Danger at 00:53 on 29th May 2010


The very best of luck, DO IT FOR IRELAND!!


Posted by Daz at 09:36 on 1st June 2010

style looks good,how did you go?


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