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Record-breaking Taylor

Posted by Sid Waddell at 14:00 on 8th June 2010 in UniBlog

One of my teachers at Morpeth Grammar School in 1955 said the best motto for school work was:

Good, better, best,
Never let it rest,
Till the good is better
And the better best.

I tried to apply it to exams, rugby and athletics and Phil Taylor has the rubric engrained in his psyche. He was not content with a world record two nine –darters at Wembley, but smashed his own match world record of 116.09 to achieve 118.66 against Kevin Painter at Bolton.

The secret is astonishing: he is now more relaxed than ever in his career. He has also ignored the Uniboffin theory that he should always land the dart parallel with the floor. He likes a dip of about three degrees in some shots into the 60 bed. So in fact he is using the old muscle memory of the old ‘knitting needle’ darts to good effect. I reckon he will average 122 in a match at Blackpool next month....watch this space.

It was marvellous to watch Phil crank up the averages when tired in his semi-final against the brilliant veteran Denis Ovens. Over five legs he went from 103 to 118; it was like watching a racing car pile on the pace.


I never chuck bits of paper away and I will treasure the scribbles on the back of a menu from Bolton. It has the names of three young men who hit the UK Open oche running.

Reece Robinson is an 18-year-old student from Hull who only dropped five legs in winning three matches. He looks like a choir boy.

Arron Monk, who is only 20, looks a cert to follow in dad Colin’s footsteps. We shot a hilarious Sky film with dad and son arguing the toss in practice.

And how about Joe Cullen of Bradford? He showed all the arrogance of a young Bristow. What a player.....

These lads and their composure at the Reebok show our sport is very healthy at the grass roots.


The FA Cup of darts at Bolton as usual produced some lads with odd occupations and hobbies. Ashley Whisker is a tractor driver and caused some top brows to furrow. Nigel Heydon is an undertaker and often buries opponents.
Steve Farmer is a tree surgeon - make up your own pun. Finally Peter Fisher saidion his biog that he was an international power weight lifter! Bit of a move from 800 kg of iron to 26 grams of tungsten.

All in all I had a ball for four days. What else can you do when up on screen pop six BEE-KEEPERS drinking pints of lager through their face masks? The bee itself was supping well too, or should that be SUCKING?

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