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Posted by Stuart Pyke at 16:00 on 21st December 2008 in UniBlog


He is now a former World Champion….the three-times World Champ taken a-Part by American Bill Davis and as he flies back over the Atlantic, he has a lot to think about – trying to restore his battered reputation in 2009.

But what does Part’s humiliating 1st Round exit at the Ally Pally mean for the future?

There is no doubt that Part was under pressure – starting the defence of his title – but he started slowly and despite a magnificent spell of five 180s in eight throws, he missed big doubles, as his opponent grew in confidence.

For several years now, the critics have questioned Part’s insistence on racking up the air miles with countless trips home in between tournaments throughout the year.

But he has always stuck to his guns and to be fair, over the best part of two decades, it hasn’t really affected his standing in the world of darts.

After all, he is a member of an exclusive club of players to win three World Championships…..and when you are up there with the likes of Taylor, Lowe and Bristow, you must be doing something right!

Possibly, where he has got it wrong is the travelling back to Canada in between Premier League nights and he may well opt to stay in the UK a lot more when the 2009 event starts in Liverpool in February.

Even so, the old cliché of form being temporary and class being permanent springs to mind and those who write Part off, because of one blip, are wrong to do so.

Time and time again, he has struck back after major disappointments and I expect him to do just that in 2009.

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Posted by Fantum Flyer at 14:08 on 22nd December 2008

Hi Stu

I think if John Part wishes to continue to be a top 16 darts player, he needs to be move to where most of the PDC events are ie UK & Holland.
A move to one of those countries would help his game.
There is no doubt that John Part is a world class player if he doesn''t change his views of living away from Canada for even a few months of the year I think might retire.

Posted by Kanga1 at 01:27 on 4th March 2009

Hi Stu, I am an avid darts fan but please can you tell me why oh why is Chris Mason commentating???? I can barely understand a word he says and his monotemous tones sends me to sleep. Cant he just leave it to the pros like yourself? Please give him his bus fare home!! Does anyone else agree??

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