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So much to catch up on, where to start?

Posted by Róisín O'Shea at 16:45 on 5th August 2010 in UniBlog

Hi guys! I know, I know, it’s been a while since my last blog, but believe me, I’ve been busy!

To get you all up to speed, I was knocked out of the first ever PDC Unicorn Women’s World Darts Championships in the first round! UGH! I lost 4-2 to an unknown player. Highlights of the game included my first ever 15 dart game, and a spectacular show of appreciation for myself in the celebratory dance following this great achievement! Tricia Wright went on to win that qualifier, and ended up in the final in Blackpool! Well done to Tricia for her success, hopefully next year, it’ll be an all Unicorn Final, like it was for the Men’s Matchplay final! Well done Phil Taylor on that, and the rest since then! (He’s untouchable at the moment – must be those Rosso darts!

Other than that, everyone here at Unicorn HQ have been busy putting together the 36th edition of the Unicorn Book Of Darts, which showcases the brand new 2011 range! Now I know I’m biased, but WOW! What a great new book of darts! What a great new range! We were all very excited to launch the new range, and did so at the beginning of July. Not before each member of Team Unicorn, and all Unicorn staff met up for our annual dinner to celebrate the launch. Nottingham really couldn’t have prepared for it! We had a beautiful meal, followed by a recreation of the scene in Resevoir Dogs – The Hammer, The Bull, The Machine, The Artist, The Wizard, Martial Dartist, The Rockstar and a few more… walking through Nottingham city centre, spread from one side of the road to the other, on a mission to find a bar. Unfortunately, my camera started acting up, but it would have been the best reincarnation of the Dogs, ever!

The launch day arrived, and to say the guys and girls in Team Unicorn were impressed would be an understatement. Without a doubt, the word on everyone’s lips was “Rosso”.

With the excitement of the launch came the updated website – yes, all of the new 2011 range is available to view on this website now! Have a look through, anything marked “New for 2011” is exactly that, and will be hitting shops over the next few weeks, some are already in shops! What will you be adding to your darts wallet? I know I’ll definitely be getting my hands on the new Unilab Flight Selector – what a great way to see what your darts can do!

On top of all this excitement, I’ve been busy with some of the players – getting up close and personal with the likes of James Wade, John Lowe and many more – all caught on camera too! Over the coming weeks, I’ll be adding these videos to this website for all to see, so make sure to check back here soon.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of the new products, would love to hear from you – leave a comment below, cheers!

See you soon,

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Posted by Niels at 10:55 on 6th August 2010

Nice blog, 15 dart finish is really great. Looks to me if you're able to get a little bit more consistent you'll make it to the final next year. Finishing the title in a mere easy looking 12 dart finish. ;) Goodluck.

As for the products, i'd love to try the new Sigma™ XL Super Pro out. Really does look great. :)

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