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An Introduction

Posted by Róisín O'Shea at 15:58 on 6th May 2010 in UniBlog

My desk
My desk

Some of you may know me from the now gone Starsofdarts.com forum (UniTool), or some from Twitter (@ivegotthepower) and most of you will have no idea, and I’m guessing all of you are wondering “What is her name?” – yes I know, what a silly name! For those of you struggling, it’s pronounced “Row-sheen” like row your boat (my favourite) and Mr. Sheen – Róisín! Easy! It’s Irish, as am I – give me a break!

So, that’s my name sorted, now for the “What does she do?” question. I work for Unicorn Darts in the Kent office and have been for just over 2 years now. My business cards don’t have a title on them, just my name, mostly because I tend to dip in all aspects of the business. The most exciting part is looking after Darts players that Unicorn sponsor.

When I say look after, what I mean is ensure all players (37 players worldwide – and counting) have the right equipment when they need it. When I say equipment, I mean barrels, points, stems, flights, wallets, shirts, you name it.
If you see your favourite Unicorn darts player play darts, you’ll see them use a barrel that has their name and Unicorn inscribed somewhere on the barrel, they’ll be using Unicorn stems and either a Unicorn flight with their signature or another flight from the Unicorn range. There is a process to get each player to this stage and it all goes through me. As well as any changes you may see on your favourite players darts set-up – and changes happen quite often. If one of our players would like to change something, well he/she calls me up, asks for an extra groove in their barrel, or gold titanium version of their tungsten barrel, or whatever it may be, and I arrange for it to be done. And just to be clear, the Unicorn darts players tell me what they want, and we get it made for them, we do not make our players use a certain piece of equipment, as long as it’s Unicorn, they can use what they like.

With this job, comes the opportunity to see the players doing their job, playing darts! That’s the exciting bit! From floor tournaments in Wigan to the O2 arena in London, I have a golden ticket – which means I get to go back stage, see the darts players prepare themselves for what could be the match of their career! I get to see first hand the excitement, the anxiety, the tension, the laughing and joking, the preparation that goes on before the players get in position for their walk-ons.

It’s extraordinary to see such normal guys backstage to superstars on the oche. I want to share with you my experiences with some of the greatest sports personalities – and some of the future legends of the sport.

So, here at Róisín’s Unichat you can look forward to some chat from behind the scenes of a professional darts player, from equipment to mood swings to wins and losses and everything in between, including some exclusive pictures, videos and even the odd competition too! Feel free to comment and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to know, or for me to find out about your favourite Unicorn Darts Player. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@ivegotthepower)

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Posted by lord ricardo at 17:23 on 6th May 2010

Do you ever get instances where players use non-Unicorn equipment and you have to have words with them?!

Posted by unstranger at 09:07 on 7th May 2010

Excellent idea this.
Be sure to post only what your players are happy with when reporting on their behind the scenes activity.
Well done.

Posted by Jennifer at 11:13 on 7th May 2010

Well done huni, loved reading your 1st blog and look forward to seeing what else is to come ....
So proud of you ..... Will always be a big Fan x x x x

Posted by Stiofán at 05:23 on 8th May 2010

Hi Róisín,

Really lookin forward to this sounds gr8.
I know how it feels when the English try and pronounce a name in Irish it's so funny, so I'm goin to take a leaf out of your book and get them to pronounce my name as (stiff fawn) ya think it'll work? Ha, hope to see you in the future!

Posted by George at 20:47 on 9th May 2010

Howya Roisin, i was wondering if i could get sigma pro flights made up with a shamrock logo on them by Unicorn, i live and play in Canada and love to show my colours, any info on this would be appreciated,
thank you in advance.....

Posted by Joe Norton at 01:57 on 17th May 2010

Well done Róisín ! This is a great idea.

Be sure to let us know if you ever make it to the States for a visit. If I remember correctly, believe you have relatives not too far from me...

My daughter, Cassie says hi !!

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