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Posted by Stuart Pyke at 11:45 on 29th July 2009 in UniBlog

Blackpool 2009 – the year of Mr Taylor – yet again, as he continues to raise the bar, continues to push the limits of the sport and continues to win, win, win!

But what does it all mean for the sport of darts?

The World Matchplay, for me, always delivers something extra special – the best venue without a doubt and always some rich tungsten entertainment.

Incredibly, Taylor has now won every single PDC ranking event ‘Major’ since the Las Vegas Desert Classic in 2008….add to that the Grand Slam, Championship League Darts and several other titles, there appears to be no stopping him.

The Premier League crown is the only darts ‘Major’ that Taylor doesn’t currently hold.

His dominance is so supreme that the bookies are already offering not so generous odds that he will remain unbeaten in all forms of the sport for the rest of 2009!

Would you take that bet?!

He dropped only 20 legs of darts in five matches at the Winter Gardens – a new record for the tournament – as his challengers fell by the wayside.

James Wade, Barney, Gary Anderson and Mervyn King look the most likely to succeed against Taylor on any given day – but will that day come?

Taylor looks invincible at the moment and just when you thought he couldn’t do any better, he does! There’s no doubt that darts, as a sport, needs people who can challenge and beat Taylor – but it is up to those players to put the work in and reap the rewards that beating Taylor will bring.

There are some that say Taylor’s winning streak isn’t healthy for the sport but you can’t blame him for being the supreme talent…..it is surely up to the rest to challenge Taylor!

He will always have the odd blip – like the Premier League semi-final defeat against King – and the other players must believe they can beat him, otherwise what’s the point!

To challenge the best, you have to beat the best!

My prediction for what it’s worth – he won’t win every ‘Major’ for the rest of the year. I can see him dropping one of the big tournaments.

What do you think? Let me know!

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Posted by stephen at 16:22 on 2nd August 2009

it is possible that he could loose a major but i dont think that will happen for at least another 2 years. He is throwing unbelievable in the past few months, he is raising the bar and i think this will continue for a long while.

Posted by The Dinner Lady at 22:30 on 14th August 2009

Hi Stu

It's not Phil's fault he is winning all the majors, its now up to the others, Wade, Barney, King, Jenkins & Lewis to up their game & just add a bit more to put them on a equal level with Phil.
However I think can motor up another gear, how long can he continue at the high level is anyones guess, however until the day he gives up the darts at the PDC, he is going to fight for every PDC major over the next 2-5 years.
& I can see 2 more worlds 2 Grand Prixs, 1 Uk Open 3 Matchplays, 2 & 2 Las Vegas & at lease 2 Grand Slams & 1 more Premier League.
Taylor is the greatest player to grace the sport with Bristow & Lowe a close second in their hay day they won nearly every majors between them every year & no one worried about them winning.
It will be a sad day when Phil retires as his darting skill will be sadly missed.

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