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Unicorn re-launches Unilab with 2010 products

Posted by Unicorn at 15:30 on 21st October 2009 in Unicorn Darts News

Unicorn re-launches Unilab with 2010 products

Unicorn is pleased to announce that UniLab has been upgraded to include the very latest 2010 products and is now back live on the Unicorn website.

UniLab is a unique Unicorn programme that uses aerodynamics to enable you to find the best possible darts and accessory combinations to suit your own style and ability.

If you are considering buying a new set of darts and want to find the best possible Unicorn dart for you, simply go the UniLab section on this site and click on the Selector option, which will take you to Unilab’s personal recommendations.

If you already own a set of Unicorn darts and would like UniLab to optimise them for you, simply go through the same process but take the Optimiser option which will ask you questions about your existing barrels, shafts and flights, before taking you to UniLab’s personal recommendations for alternative combinations of shafts and flights.

Please note that all UniLab’s recommendations are based purely on science and are not chosen for any marketing or price considerations.

“Research and development is a fundamental part of Unicorn’s DNA and UniLab now brings our research facilities directly to you” says Unicorn Managing Director Edward Lowy.

Visit UniLab

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