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Posted by Stuart Pyke at 22:00 on 9th June 2008 in UniBlog


The best UK Open ever? Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding YES!

From Anastasia to Mawson….from Taylor’s 9-darter to ‘The Machine’ and the rise and rise of young Mr Wade….

It was a fabulous four days and just what ‘The FA Cup of Darts’ is all about….drama, excitement, shocks and surprises and some top top tungsten along the way.

Over 1200 players competed to reach the Reebok. 133 of them succeeded and the shorter format contributed to the darting drama, which made for great entertainment.

Message to Anastasia Dobromyslova – the current Ladies World Champion…..give the PDC a go…..you have the talent and you won’t regret it

Message to Scott Waites……Ditto!

Message to Adrian Lewis – a great talent but it’s time to deliver

Message to Barney….believe in yourself and the tournament wins will follow!

Message to James Wade – how about another ‘Major’ in Vegas!?

Message to Mr Taylor – thanks for the magical moments – the 9 darter and world record average

Message to MVG – keep the faith – the darting public still believes in you

Message to Gary Mawson – thanks Rafa!

Message to the powers that be at the PDC – keep the same format for 2009 at Bolton!

Message to Sky Sports – brilliant coverage (but I would say that wouldn’t I ?!)

Message to Freddie Flintoff – keep supporting the darts (Freddie presented the prized trophy to James Wade at Bolton!)

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Posted by daniel o connor at 18:07 on 25th June 2008

it was one of the best pdc tournaments ever it had everything, hope to see anastasia joining the pdc cause she is a brilliant darts player.

Posted by king eric at 23:22 on 5th August 2008

Hi Stuart

It''s been a great darting season again, it''s just a shame no more PDC Majors on
Sky TV until October.
I wonder if Barney or the Iceman will still be in the sport of darts in October?
Barney is quiting for two months or maybe forever? & the Iceman might retire as well?
Who knows, but it will be a great Grand Prix & World Championship.

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