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Posted by Stuart Pyke at 10:00 on 18th April 2008 in UniBlog

Well, it seems the darting merry-go-round has circled 360 degrees!

Back in 2007, Barney was crowned World Champion, he was No.1 in the world, he won the UK Open for a second consecutive year and was crowned Las Vegas Desert Classic Champion.

For a time, he looked totally dominant, whereas a certain Phil Taylor appeared to be on a downward spiral and apart from the odd flash of inspiration, he looked to be really struggling.

Now Taylor looks virtually unbeatable and Barneveld is playing his worst darts for years.

‘The Power’ has simply blown away the opposition…..a new found confidence stemming from finally finding the perfect arrows of choice!

The Dutchman clearly looks bereft of confidence and the constant switching of darts has obviously had an adverse effect.

Taylor is close to reclaiming his World No.1 position and it has been such an incredible turnaround for a man who only a few months ago had hit rock bottom

He was written off by so many…..critics were declaring the end of an era and writing his darting obituary…..oh what fools they were!

There is nothing Taylor enjoys more than proving the doubters wrong and boy, has he done that!

It would be a major surprise if he didn’t win at least three, maybe four, or even five of the big TV tournaments this year.

So what about Barneveld?

I fully expect him to prove a point during 2008…..every top player suffers a poor run at some stage. He just needs to go back to basics…..go back to the darts that won him all those events last year and the results will follow.

Ask any top darts player…..confidence and a clear mindset are so important and when Barney’s in the grove, there’s nobody better to watch.

For me, the nearest challenger to Taylor at the moment is James Wade and it wouldn’t surprise me if he adds to his World Matchplay and World Grand Prix titles this year….if he can get past the 13-times World Champion.

Wade has it all and when the legend that is Bob Anderson said recently that the young man from Aldershot is destined to be World Champion, people tend to listen.

I wonder where messrs Taylor, Barneveld and Wade will be at the end of 2008 and who will win what….

What do you think? Let me know

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Posted by Chris at 11:44 on 18th April 2008

Phil looks so dominant at the moment it''s hard to see who can possibly stop him from adding to his huge collection of titles, James Wade is also playing very well and I would not be surprised tom see these two players fighting over the number one spot.

Raymond is too good a player not to challenge for titles, if he can string a few results together he''ll be back at his free flowing best, all in all I think that we are going to see a great year of darts!

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