The Big Interview with ADRIAN LEWIS

Unicorn Darts prize winners:
Jason Smith, Harry Malden and Robert van den Ven
All win their choice of Unicorn Darts.


From Georg Svec, USA : Adrian, Being so young and having such success with relatively little experience, do you find players around you are sometimes jealous. Do those factors affect their game, in your opinion?

Adrian Lewis : No it does not seem to affect the players I play, if anything they always bring their A game to the board!

From Wayne Widtfeldt, USA : Hello Mr Lewis, What a great thrill it must have been to be mentored by Phil Taylor himself. What have you learned from Phil Taylor that you think has helped you the most in your dart career?

Adrian Lewis : Phil allways taught me about not just being professional on the board but also off the board, as your preparation before a tournament is a very important key to doing well and i have continued with this.

From Jason, USA : Hey Adrian: I've been very impressed with your career so far, you've earned so much in so little time. Who's the one or two players in the PDC that you've had a hard time against? We know they're all World Class, but who absolutely gives you fits when you shoot against him? Thanks for your time

Adrian Lewis : The two hardest players without doubt are Raymond and Phil you know with their experience they will never give in,but then again neither will I.

From Joe Norton, USA : My question is this: with the number of hours that you put in at the practice board as well as the number of hours in a week or weekend consumed by tournament play, I wonder what type of physical fitness regimen you adhere to? I know you have youth on your side, but the physical wear and tear can have an impact. I imagine the travel schedule does not help matters. As a league and tournament player myself, I find that I get worn down a bit after a while (despite the fact that I am a runner and exercise nut). Some players have appeared on Celebrity Fit Club and others have pledged to a healthier life style, so I would love to hear what you do to keep in shape.

Adrian Lewis : I have started to play a little golf and 5 a side football and will be starting the gym. When I am on stage the pure adrenalin rush stops you thinking about anything else, you dont get time to think about feeling tired, but once I come off the stage I am shattered.

From Nick Steenstra, USA : Why is it that most of the top pros throw darts that are 22 grams or less, yet Barney and Phil throw 24 gram darts? Thanks for your response!

Adrian Lewis : Its because Phil and Raymond stack their darts and therefore the gram reflects the thickness of the dart so it makes it easier to stack, whereas 22grm and under are more comfortable for me anyway with my style of throw.

From Andrea, Germany : Hello Adrian, I would like to know what circumstances are as you expected them to be in professional darts and what things turned out to be completely different.

Adrian Lewis : When joining the PDPA I did not expect to climb up the rankings as quickly as i did. I enjoyed the compitition so that was half the battle.

From Harry Malden (UK) : My question is how did you get interested in darts? And who were your darting heroes when your were a kid?

Adrian Lewis : We always had a dart board up in the house as my mum played county. I used to have the odd throw when I was younger and it wasn't untill I was 17 that I really enjoyed playing. Before that I was all football. My favorite players were Phil Taylor and Tony O'Shea. I could not believe it when i played Tony in the Cheshire Open, even more suprised when I beat him.

From Undine (Germany) : I would like to know what you think about the GDC, and do you think that the winner of the this year GDC-ranking (maybe Rosenauer) can be competitive at Alexandra Palace?

Adrian Lewis : When Raymond, Phil and myself went over to Germany I found the standard to be very good.I was really impressed with Thomas Seyler. For those who make it to the World Championships, it is there for anyone to win and we are all in it to win it.

From Gaby (Germany) : You seem to be very cool and relaxed when you're playing. My question is do you feel more presure playing against a top 10 player than against an unknown player or don't you care who your opponent is?

Adrian Lewis : I dont fear any player. In truth I respect all players when we go toe to toe on the oche. Some say I might come across as arrogant at times, but there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence.

From Felix Busacay (Philippines) : What motivates you in playing darts? Are you really serious? I am asking these questions because we have seen rising darters who rose up to the ranks but never really persevered in reaching their goals.

Adrian Lewis : My motivation is to be the best at what I do. At times on TV I don't look to be serious, but I am concentrating all the time.

From Robert (The Netherlands) : You are one of the biggest talents in the current game of darts. For a long time you where regarderd as the only one who could step into the footsteps of Phil Taylor. But now with some new young superstars, like Michael van Gerwen or Jelle Klaassen, a lot of people are talking about them as the new kids on the block. Does this give you extra pressure? Or does it take the pressure away? And who in you're eyes is the biggest talent?

Adrian Lewis : I have never felt pressure as I only tend to concentrate on my own game and as for talent I am probably the most gifted natural young player around and with experience it will hopfully bring the titles.

From Taechon (USA) : I've seen pics of you that make it look as if you are left eye dominant. At times it looks like the dart is drawn to your left eye. I'm simply curious, as this was a topic of discussion between myself and some other darters.

Adrian Lewis : Personally i think the right eye is the dominant one, I have never give it that much thought to be honest.

From Chris Wade (The Netherlands) : Is it more important for yourself to play the board or play the opponent?

Adrian Lewis : I know when playing Raymond, if I dont play my A game then I wont stand a chance, so for me I always try and match or better my opponents score.

From Daniel Parker (UK) : Adrian, it was well documented during the Premier League that a number of people within darts felt that you lacked maturity, and often let your head take over you, at the cost of winning matches. During the 2007 World Matchplay, you appear to have focused more on the task in hand, and as a result, have thrown some superb darts, and shown the promise that brought so many people to the conclusion that you will be a future World Champion. Have you deliberately changed anything of note in your play to bring you to a calmer state, or has it come naturally with age?

Adrian Lewis : Maturity in my play and the growing experience are a contributing factor. I have not changed anything, just grown up a little.I still like a bit of banter sometimes!