Tributes to Barry Twomlow

The passing of Barry Twomlow is a great loss to the world of darts. We at Unicorn Darts are proud to be able to publish these individual tributes from his many friends around the world, which reflect the absolute respect in which he was held by everyone who was privileged to know him

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To Barry Twomlow Esquire, Gentleman
Sportcraft Dinner, Saturday 13th February 1999

I am so pleased to be with you on this your special evening to add my own tribute to the many you have received and to join with all those guests assembled to thank Mike Nally and everyone at Sportcraft for so generously and thoughtfully hosting this event.

It was in February 1970 that you first attended the NSGA Show in Chicago, the forerunner of todayís Super Show. I had offered you a 10-day or so expenses paid holiday in the USA (I probably forgot to mention the weather in Chicago at this time of year). Little did any of us expect that ëholidayí to last for almost 30 years.

It took me no time on that trip to realise what a good companion you were, that you were conscientious, courteous at all times, honest, trustworthy, hard working, charming, disarming, discerning, quietly commanding attention and respect, a teacher, a philosopher, a negotiator and, apart from the ability to consume prodigious quantities of beer and similar beverages, you also threw a mean dart , all without seemingly the necessity to sleep. Sportcraft and their customers embraced you at once.

It was at breakfast in The Empire Room at the Palmer House on the morning after the show that we talked of the possibility of you joining Unicorn. You could earn your corn, I thought, as a salesman and when we needed a dart or two thrown you could do that too. It is a breakfast that I shall never forget, for it set seal on an association and friendship that I will always cherish.

I am sure that many stories will be told tonight by you and others, but it will, I know, be said over and over again, as it has been these last very many years, what an Ambassador you have been for the sport of darts, for sportsmanship, for Sportcraft and for Unicorn. You truly were in large measure responsible for teaching so much of the World to play darts and for gently bringing many Sportcraft customers to the realisation that darts equipment would make a fine addition to their merchandise programme. You never put anyone down by crushing them with your magical skill, yet on the other hand you never let them go until they absorbed a little of your passion for the game.

The time has come, much too quickly, for us all to let you go, at least a little, for you cannot escape from our affection. Margaret, who has supported you uncomplainingly the while you travelled to every continent on gruelling schedules, needs and deserves your attention and presence and you need time to sort out the souvenirs, letters, gifts and memories of a unique career.

You have our sincerest thanks and our every best wish for a long, happy and healthy retirement. Ann and I raise a glass to you, and drink to your health as we chat through the happy memories that we are privileged to share because we are fortunate to know Barry Twomlow.

Delivered by Stanley Lowy, Chairman of Unicorn at a surprise retirement dinner thrown in Barry's honour in Atlanta in 1999