Best Ways to Finish

If you've ever watched darts on television, you will be amazed at the mental arithmetic shown by the professionals when they're nearing the end of a leg. Once they're on a finish, they instinctively know the best way to go. Even more amazing is, that if they miss the first treble, they seem to know immediately what is left and the best option with the remaining two darts. Similarly, if they miss with the second dart, they know exactly what has to be done to leave the best option for their next visit to the oche. None of this happens by chance; it comes with knowledge, experience and practice.

To help you improve your game, Unicorn Darts has produced a unique chart giving you the best options to learn and practice. These finishes are available as both a pocket-sized checkout card and pub-sized poster in the Unicorn 180 Club.

These so-important finishes are reproduced here. So learn and memorise the best options, practice regularly and see your game improve. You will be amazed how many fewer darts you'll need for a game of 501. It has worked for Raymond van Barneveld, John Lowe, Bob Anderson and Gary Anderson. It will work for you.

3 Dart Finishes
2 Dart Finishes
180 Club