180 CLUB

The Unicorn 180 Club is open to all darts players, men and women, who score the magical 180 for a pub, club or representative team in a recognised darts match.

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Applications for the Club can only be made here through this website and entering could not be easier - simply choose which type of application is right for you below:

Notes and Terms of Application
Every member will receive a Unicorn 180 Club Certificate and a set of Unicorn 180 Club darts flights.

Winners will be published each month on the Unicorn website. All applications will be collated at the end of each month and published before the end of the following month. Please note that members can only join once.

Club Secretaries
We welcome applications sent by club or league secretaries on behalf of players. However, please note that the name and details in fields 1 to 4 inclusive below must be those of the winner. Secretaries must fill in the separate dedicated area above. We regret that any applications with the Secretary's details in boxes 1 to 4 will not be accepted for membership.

One application per person only
You apply to join the Unicorn 180 Club on the basis of scoring the magical 180 once, not on multiple occasions. Once you are a member you have no need to re-join. Please send in only one application per person as this will help us respond more efficiently and you will receive your membership certificate and other information that much quicker. Thank you for your cooperation.

We collate new members at the end of each calendar month and all new members should be live on the website within the first 10 days of the following month and all certificates sent out by the end of that month.